Friday, February 26, 2010

Cost Participation Has Been Delayed

I recieved a statement earlier today that the family cost program will be delayed for another 60 days, the full statement can be found at this link, just scroll down to the messages:

There is also a link on the right hand bar of this blog, scroll down, the listing of posts is to the right.

I am happy about this, and not too surprised that there is a delay, these things never really go off as planned on time, even for profit technologically advanced companies couldn't do this type of overhaul in the timeframe allowed, which is fine by me. Maybe we can get so lucky as to have it delayed to the point where the economy recovers enough to where this wouldn't be an issue (wishful thinking I know)

This is a good reprieve, though I think we should use this time wisely, and keep moving forward with complaints, calls, flyers and speaking out every chance we get. I read a statement earlier that DDD really wants our input as to how the program should work and how it will be implemented, my input is that this "program" of theirs should not be implemented at all. Lets get out there.

I've been out of town, so I haven't had too much of a chance to come up with flyers that I can post as of yet, still working on it though. Let me know of any input or feedback.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Door to Door Idea...

I recently received a flier on my door from one of my neighbors asking for help to protest a development near my house, then a thought occurred to me...

Why not develop fliers for my neighbors about my son and what is going on with the state and ask them for help? Why not go a step further and knock on some doors with my flier and discuss what our legislators are doing to families? Why not post it at our mailbox, and why not look into posting it at community centers, and places of worship?

I am currently working on a flier, I would love input if anyone has it as to what types of things we can do. I would love to organize some groups and designate a day where we go out to reach our neighbors and friends door to door to get help, in these days and times not only do we need to connect and support, but we need to learn how to reach out.

Email me at the link to the above right, or write a comment for me to post.