Monday, May 3, 2010

Too Quiet...

I haven't recieved any info on the cost participation delay or "planned" implementation, not a peep of it on the website at DES either, I called and the person that answered at AZEIP could not tell me either, but offered to put me into a voicemail because everyone was in a meeting, I didn't get a chance to leave one because I had another call come in. So for now we wait. I have not had any written correspondence as of late either, so I have no idea if we would potentially have to pay for any services if we recieve them this month, I would hope not since we never got a statement detailing what our costs would be, if they try to charge without having sent one I can tell you they will definetly have another fight on their hands!

Another rant: I am sick and tired of hearing that the state is out of money, and they cannot afford things, I'm not hearing that when talking about immigration, they seemed to have found lots of extra dollars somewhere since they intend to spend them either enforcing this new unpopular bill or fighting lawsuits in regards to them, no problem, I haven't heard anyone say that they will drop it if they cannot fund the implementation of it.

They need to fund their existing commitments first before they start spending money that they supposedly don't have.

Please remember this on election day and VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!